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Men and Women Talk About Clothes
(Not a Film by Neil Labute)
Conceived and Directed by David M. Korn

“Two groups of friends hang out in the same spot in a club, but enagage in very different styles of communication. An amusing illustration of the opposing ways in which men and women socialize.”


I Live In NY (2013)
Conceived and Directed by David M. Korn

“This is my valentine to New York City. New York is the only place in the world where people can come from everywhere and feel like a native. You’re a real New Yorker as long as you really want to be here.”


This Is It (2006)
Conceived and Directed by David M. Korn

"This was a mixture of old and new footage, inspired by viewing my family’s home movies after they were transferred to video. I was sure I could film intermittent scenes and edit it all into a narrative. After the ordeal of “The Wait,” it was also a way to do another film quickly and on the cheap. The old man played the bartender in the western. As you can see, he’s quite versatile."


VISA Ad (2003)
Written and Directed by David M. Korn

"We got the idea to do a VISA commercial version while working on “The Wait,” so we shot a few extra scenes and switched to color. It’s amazing how different the whole effect is, given how many shots are the same and in the same order. The only difference is the music and the reactions of the young gunfighter. We sent it to VISA, but they never responded. I think it’s a lot better than their “priceless” campaign, including my tagline at the end."


The Wait (2003)
Written and Directed by David M. Korn
Produced by Andrew van den Houten

"I’m a huge fan of westerns, so I’ve always wanted to make my own. I thought it’d be interesting to reduce them to their key components. How short could a western be and still tell a full story? I planned “The Wait” to within an inch of its life and we shot it in one day on 35mm film at Wild West City, a western amusement park in New Jersey. The saloon is actually two different locations that were lit so they could be seamlessly edited to look like a single room."


Retail (2000)
Conceived and Directed by David M. Korn

"This documentary was the result of my purchase of a small digital video camera. I wanted to test it out with a simple project that was still worth looking at. It came out okay, but not as well as I’d hoped. It was harder than I’d expected to get people to talk, even though many had interesting stories to tell. They were either afraid it would reflect badly on the business, or had trouble performing once the camera was turned on, and some didn’t want to be filmed to begin with. It’s a good lesson for the future: make sure the people you interview actually want to be interviewed."


I Ate With a Zombie (1997)
Written and Produced by David M. Korn
Edited and Directed by Rick McKinney

"This was my first film effort of any kind. I wasn't confident enough to direct it, but being the producer I was able to ensure that it got done. Rick McKinney had access to all the equipment, including an early Avid on which it was edited. That's also why it wasn't completely finished. All the files just disappeared one day, but it worked well enough to leave alone, despite the visible timecode. I've always loved 50s sci-fi films, so it was fun to parody them."

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