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King Arthur
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Fables for a
New Millenium

The Sleeping

Man & Dog

Young King Arthur in Brooklyn Young King Arthur in Brooklyn
Jester Books (2003)
A novel for young adults - 238 pages
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When a foolish, fourteen year-old Arthur impulsively pulls the sword from the stone and proclaims himself King of England, he runs afoul of the mysterious Duke of Flatbush and is banished to present-day Brooklyn. There he learns the ways of chivalry, and with the help of Casey Hanson and his friends, begins his life of heroism and adventure while trying to return to his own time and place.
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Fables for a New Millenium Fables for a New Millenium
Not yet published.
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"What men want is not knowledge, but certainty."
Bertrand Russell
I’ve always loved fables. Unfortunately, no one writes them anymore. There’s something intriguing about their stilted, instructive quality, which is both elemental and vague, ancient and timeless. I thought it’d be fun to write some new ones, as the classic fables are either so obscure they make no sense, or so recycled they’re completely devoid of value. These fables are done seriously, without irony, in that same style, drawing on the modern world just as the old ones drew on early European civilization. Eventually, I’d like to publish them in book form with illustrations similar to those found in the more elaborate editions of Aesop’s Fables or Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

The Sleeping Giant The Sleeping Giant
Not yet published.
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“Curiosity is greater than fear.”
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
This is a revisionist fairy tale about a young boy and girl, Valence and Luzanne, who live in an unnamed medieval village. The villagers believe that they’re protected by a giant who’s perpetually asleep out beyond the outskirts of the village, which is bordered by an endless forest. Val and Zann’s boundless curiosity leads them to journey through the forest to find and set their eyes upon the giant, which no one has ever done and is strictly forbidden. It was intended as an allegory, but it can certainly be taken at face value.

Man & Dog Man & Dog
Not yet published.
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This is a prehistoric adventure about the first human to domesticate a dog. Although there are quite a few of these books, most notably the Clan of the Cave Bear series, I’ve always found them absurdly overwritten and unrealistic. Everything is smothered in ritual and spiritualism, and the characters are always speaking in long, complex sentences. The stories suffer from the old noble savage syndrome. But early man lived strictly in the present, having no time for endless discussion or abstract thought. My approach is much more authentic, and gives the reader a genuine sense of what it was like to live day by day, on the edge of death, with the future only as far as the next meal. Along the way, it’s also engaging, exciting, and a lot of fun, especially if you love dogs!

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